The Dungate Meadows trail starts at 2 km on the Equity Mine road, although there is no parking lot there you can park at 0km or far of the side of the road. This trail leads to a series of meadows which lead to the Dungate Snowmobile cabin. This ride is about 28 kms. From the cabin you can go to the end of that meadow and up the lookout trail down to the Foxy Creek road at 8 km turn right to 17 km and turn right on the Hanna Lake Trail and back towards the cabin. Ride there is 42 km.

There are other trails in the area or you may choose to ride the meadow system of which endless powder awaits.

Although trails are signed and brushed they are not always groomed. The meadows are a fun place to ride but beware of the odd stream under the snow, they may cause a ditch which might be deep.


This area is 100.5km on the Nadia FSR to its trail head. Please park to allow others to unload and load too. This area is a mountain riding area with vast supply of meadows and hills to play on. There is a cabin before you hit the alpine and is stocked with firewood should it get cold and miserable out. Again, this area like any mountain area has inherent risks associated with using it. Please refer to the club’s safety suggestions on the HSC web-site.

The Houston Snowmobile Club offers many benefits for being a member and while snowmobilers enjoy nice trails, bridges, parking lots, cabin and the firewood comes from the hard-working club volunteers. The vehicles used, power-saws, tools and labour that is provided also comes from these same volunteers.
So lets all “Join a Snowmobile Club just for the Fun of it” and remember many of these riding area we enjoy have also benefited from the hard work dealing with Land-use and Environmental processes.


The Grizzly Plateau or as Houston people call it the Telkwa Range Snowmobile area. About 14 kms from Houston at 8km on the Grizzly FSR the parking lot is a further 6 kms up that road. The trail which is groomed, signed and brushed also has a fee collected for trail maintenance. This area has a cabin in the subalpine which 2 kms from the alpine. There are endless hills and meadows to play in but there are inherent risks in this area as well.

  • Please understand Mountain Riding
  • Avalanche Conditions may exist so please check for current avalanche conditions.
  • Carry proper avalanche gear
  • Take Avalanche training
  • Ride with someone who knows this area
  • This area is also part of the Telkwa Caribou Herd and as such has some restrictions apply. Please refer to the Houston Snowmobile Clubs web- site. This is very important so please take the time to educate yourself on the material provided.
  • Please beware of the changing weather conditions in the mountains.