The Houston Snowmobile Club offers an unforgettable snowmobiling experience.

The Houston Snowmobile Club (HSC) was formed back in the late seventies and registered in the early eighties by a group of snowmobilers who wanted to create an organization to look after trails, safety and have a recognized voice for this form of recreation. Throughout those years, many of the original members built cabins, brushed and marked trails, and provided most of this with their own personal money and some donations from local businesses. All this hard work as volunteers was for the love of snowmobiling and provided the foundation for all that is snowmobiling in Houston today. Much of this came from the pioneers of our club known as the “Apple Dumpling Gang,” along with their friends and families.

The HSC members are very grateful to all the past Directors and Presidents who made snowmobiling here a safer and more enjoyable place to have fun.  Many know that without these people and this club, the snowmobile picture here might look a lot different today.  The HSC is always actively participating in many processes, such as, representing the Motorized sector in the Land Use Planning for the Morice Forest District and being a part of the Telkwa Caribou Recovery Plan.  The HSC is there to ensure there is a voice for snowmobiling.

Throughout the years, our members have participated in Search and Rescues, finding lost people, and have assisted on avalanche rescues.  The HSC has provided avalanche seminars, snowmobile/ATV shows in Houston, and hosted many other successful events.

  • In 2015, Houston won the “Sled Town Show Down” title, which was put on by SnoRiders West Magazine.
  • In 2017, a weather station was installed on the Telkwa Range by Avalanche Canada. This weather station provides up to date current weather, wind speed, and snow depth.
  • Also in 2017, the Province of British Columbia and the HSC signed a Stewardship Management Agreement to protect caribou in the Skeena Region. The HSC is happy to have worked with local biologists and government staff to achieve this agreement that provides snowmobiling opportunities while protecting caribou.

The local support has been outstanding and is very much appreciated by all members of the club.


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